„First they will ask you why you do it...
and then how did you make it.
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1 month
1 150 CZK
Full day entry for 38 CZK
3 months
2 990 CZK
Full day entry for 33 CZK
6 months
5 690 CZK
Full day entry for 31 CZK
1 year
9 890 CZK
Full day entry for 27 CZK
Pre-paid entries
from 1090 CZK
10/20 entries, unlimited entry from 99 CZK
Single entry
only for 135 CZK!
Unlimited single entry to fitness
Pre-paid credits
from 950 CZK
up to 12% extra credit for FREE!

Our coaches


Personal coach for fitness and condition bodybuild... Sport achievements: - 6th place on championship in Czech Republic in bodybuilding (cat. up-to 80kg)... more

Martin Marek

Born in 1973, coaching for 20 years 2x 1st place at Czech championship of BB, 2nd place at junior championship of BB, 3rd place at Czech... more

Ivan Křepinský

Born in 1976, coach since 1996 ... more

Lucie Šmídová

Personal coach, coaching 18 yars ... more

Tereza Rydlová

Personal coach, born in 1975, coaching since 2007 ... more

Štěpán Vaňous

Personal choach & nutritionist ... more

  1. Prove himself with the coach licence
  2. Make you warm up properly
  3. Show you the correct form of exercises, set up the machines or prepare the dumbbells
  4. Pay full attention only for you
  5. Discuss your current health/diet and adjust the training program/diet to it
  6. Keep you drink properly during the training
  7. Leed your training intensively without non-necessary talking
  8. Try to avoid any possible injuries


Opening time
Monday – Friday
07:00 - 21:00
10:00 - 18:00
14:00 - 20:00

Národní tř. 961/25, Praha 1